Private: Should You Hire an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Injury?

On November 10, Jervon White’s attorney Nancy L. Hirsch, filed a slip and fall lawsuit in DuPage County Circuit Court against the chain restaurant, TGI Fridays.  White claims that she was injured when she fell on a slippery floor. Anybody involved in a  slip and fall should contact personal injury attorneys in Everett.

According to the article posted by Wheaton Patch,   on November 10, 2012, White was at TGI Fridays when she slipped on a liquid substance that was on the floor.  Stating “the slip caused her to fall with “great force and violence.”

White states that TGI Fridays was at fault and negligent because they failed to observe the floor for possible hazards.  She suffered brusing and cuts and injuries to her body, head and limbs.  She is claiming damages of over $50,000 to cover all her medical expenses.

Proving Liability in Slip & Fall Claims

Liability can be very hard to prove in a slip & fall personal injury claim.  Many insureres will seldom accept liability to a person who is not represented by an attorney.  Falls can happen quickly and you may not even realize it at the time what caused you to fall.  Hiring a personal injury attorney immediately after your slip and fall incident is highly recommended because they will identify all of the distinct factors that can affect liability and damages.

Proving that the defendant was negligent and that their negligence caused your fall is no easy task.  Your attorney will want a detailed account of how your injury happened.  They have the skills necessary to ask you questions that you may not even believe are relevant to your case.